Earn €132,000 remotely as a mid-level macOS engineer 🇪🇺

104000–132000 EUR · Raycast

Why is it that good?

- European jobs rarely go as high as 132k euros for a mid-level enginner.
- Not many jobs let's you work on cool consumer software you and your friends use daily.
- Remote jobs with friendly time-zone overlap.

Mid-level macOS software engineer at Raycast.


A remote-first small team in 9 countries.


Raycast is a super popular alternative for a macOS search Spotlight.


Swift but also React, Node.js for APIs, JavaScript, TypeScript for marketing websites, and Ruby on Rails for backend.


Raycast is a fully remote company spread across Europe and looking for candidates in EU-friendly timezones (CET ± 3 hours).


Above average salary, stock options and a health insurance. Plus paid expences for a gym or for your co-working space.


At least 3 years of experience on macOS development.


Team meeting and a take home task.
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